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Is this a private tour?

Yes, this is a private tour. Aruba VIP tours are all about creating a private & luxury experience solo or with your friends & family. The term “Private tour” is used quite commonly and is interpreted differently by different tour operators.

In our consideration, “Private tour” means the tour will be operated as per your wish. And services like the driver, tour guide, a private vehicle will be exclusively provided to your group by us.

We make sure to make you feel exclusive and more like a VIP in every tour & rental we offer. You can travel privately with a wide array of means of transportation available in the form of tour & rental options.

What is included in the tour?

The type of vehicle which is included in the private tour is a 4×4 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The tour includes free pickup and dropoff from your location. We also give snorkel equipment, Coral shoes, floats, towels, refreshments such as water, juice, soda & snacks as well.  And to guide you on your adventure, your very own private tour guide/Driver will also accompany you.

Are taxes included in the price?

Yes, all of the government taxes are included in the price.

Do you provide snorkel equipment, towels, and shoes?

Yes, we do offer some equipment for your private adventure. It includes snorkeling equipment, towels, coral shoes, snacks & drinks.

What should I bring on the tour?

Things like a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, the camera can be brought. You can also carry a backpack to keep your stuff organized. But we recommend not to hoard a lot of things on your tour because we provide most of the necessary things like; snorkel equipment, Coral shoes, floats, towels, refreshments such as water, juice, soda & snacks. If you are planning a Natural Pool Swim, make sure you carry an extra piece of clothing for replacing your wet clothes.

What should I wear on tour?

You can wear any light & loose-fitted clothing. We suggest full-sleeved shirts if you are conscious of getting a tan. Otherwise, you can wear tank tops, a t-shirt or shirts which are comfy. For bottom-wear, you can wear shorts for hiking pants. Go for closed-toe shoes or strapped sandals for footwear, since you’ll be traversing across some rocky terrain.

Are you going to the Natural Pool?

Yes, we take our private tour to the Natural Pool. We can take you anywhere you want to within the set time limit of the journey. Since it is a private tour, you can play with your own rules. Just point us to the location where you want to Including the Natural Pool.

Is the private vehicle a 4x4?

Yes, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a 4 x 4 vehicle that can tread anywhere from rocky terrains to deserts of Aruba. These types of cars are perfect for your offroad adventure in Aruba because the four-wheel-drive allows a vehicle to create more power and grip, which is needed to traverse across harsh terrains.

Can we go off-roading on the private tour?

Absolutely! Aruba exploration is incomplete without off-roading; hence we suggest travelers add locations such as Natural Pool, Natural Bridge, Baby Bridge, Three Bridges, Ayo & Casibari Rock Formations, and Indian Cave in their itinerary to explore Aruban wildlands. Besides these natural formations, you can also experience an offroad adventure to the ancient sites such as Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, California Lighthouse, beaches & bays Eagle Beach, Andicuri Beach, Blackstone Beach, Baby Beach, Wariruri Bay, and Shark Bay.

Can we stop somewhere for lunch during the tour?

Indeed we can stop for lunch, at the places of your choice. If you are less aware of the local restaurants, our expert tour guide & driver will take you to the most popular restaurants on the island.

What are the best locations for snorkeling?

Yes, snorkeling is a fantastic outdoor activity to do on our Aruba Private tour to experience the lush marine life of Aruba’s coasts. For snorkeling, the best locations to approach are ,Puerto Chiquito, Arashi Beach, Catalina Cove, The Antilla Wreck, Malmok Beach, Baby Beach & De palm beach. For your added convenience, your snorkeling gear and equipment is already in the private tour. All you have to do is enjoy the whole experience while we take care of everything else.

Can you take us to the Arikok National Park for a hiking tour?

Indeed, We’ll take you for a spin around the places of interest in Arikok National Park meant for hiking and trekking. We’ll drive you across popular hiking trails, gold mines, hilly terrains, plantation ruins, and enchanting caves. The most popular places of interest are Cunucu Arikok, Arikok Hilltop, Jamanota Hilltop, Fontein Cave, Guadirikiri Cave, Boca Prins, Dos Playa, Natural Pool, and the list goes on.

What kind of Caves are available for sightseeing in Aruba?

Yes definitely! The island of Aruba is filled with enchanting natural formations, especially caves. All these caves are located in the Arikok National Park. The most famous caves to visit are Guadirikiri, Fontein Cave, Barranca Sunu Cave & Indian cave.

Can baby beach be visited on the private tour?

Baby beach is a public beach situated in located near Mangle Cora in Seroe Colorado, on the southeastern side Aruba. The beach is open between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm for sightseeing. It is a beautiful beach, which is also one of the most frequently visited beaches in Aruba. The beach is named so because of its calm water. The beach is safe for children and others new to swimming and snorkeling.

Is fish pedicure included in the tour?

Yes, if you want to, you can make a stop for fish pedicure experience. It is available at the Fontein Cave in Arikok National Park. This is a unique outdoor activity which is relaxing and good for your feet. Imagine hundreds of fished nibbing at your feet, delightful isn’t it?

Can you take us to the Black stone beach?

Yes blackstone beach is reachable in our private tours. Visiting blackstone beach will be worth your time. As the name suggests, this beach has beautiful black stones which makes this beach one of a kind in Aruba.

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